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Alvin Davis Album and Tour Funding

Posted by Klean Dalton On July - 27 - 2014

alvin tour-page-001 (1)

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Hannah Brown Headline Gig at Ort Cafe

Posted by Klean Dalton On July - 8 - 2014

Hannah Brown (1)

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Juliette Farrell Remix Music Video

Posted by Klean Dalton On May - 6 - 2014
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Hannah Brown Supports Jack Wallen

Posted by Klean Dalton On April - 7 - 2014


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Bashiyra Competition

Posted by Steve Willis On January - 14 - 2014

one shot at love

European Podcast 2013 Nominee “The Truth” celebrates Podcast 150 on  We feature some classic tracks from DJ Mr Jay & Love In Action who have selected some of the finest in Soul/Neo-Soul and R&B over the past 5 years. Our featured artists for Podcast 150; Bashiyra, Noel Gourdin, John Michael, Muhammad Ayers, L.Young, Marcell Russell, David P Stevens, TJ Boyce, James Day, Carmichael MusicLover, Tracy Cruz and Maverick Gaither.

After the recent live performance at the Blackpool (LSW) we have 10 exclusively signed CDs by Bashiyra, “One Shot at Love” Expansion Records (EP) to give away!

Simply answer the question below – Thank you Bashiyra!!!!

White LogoSoulful, mesmerising and smooth are just a few of the words that describe her inimitable voice. With a r


epertoire that spans reggae, soulful house, neo-soul and jazz, BASHIYRA has the ability to captivate, move and entertain diverse audiences. Her appointment as a live performer for the ‘London 2012 Paralympics Opening Ceremony’ in August 2012 and the subsequent personal thank you letter from Mr David Cameron, UK Prime Minister is further evidence of the authentic creative credence, this talented woman conveys.

The release of the refreshing EP, ONE SHOT AT LOVE, on Expansion Records (UK) a balanced mix of neo-soul, smooth jazz and RnB harnessed by BASHIYRA’s rich, soulful and emotive voice. Produced by Amar Naik (Zed Soul Productions) with shared song-writing contributions from BASHIYRA, Amar and David Nathan (founder of and soul music historian) this promises to be robust musical alliance of the highest standards..

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“Children Of The Ghetto” Alvin Davis Video Shoot

Posted by Steve Willis On October - 13 - 2013

Alvin Davis and his daughter Paige spent yesterday filming the video for Children Of The Ghetto. The single is taken from his new album Dub The Jazz which is being released by Access All Music.

The shoot took place around the Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham. The location shoot was ideal for Children Of The Ghetto. Shot in black and white, it is hoped that the distinctive victorian ambience will give the video a dark urban flavour.




In addition to outdoor filming, a good amount of the shoot took place inside the Custard Factory. Photographer Anthony McFarlane, who is currently hosting the Soulheaven Revisited – Bass Festival (running from 17th and 29th June 2013 | 11am – 5pm) kindly gave permission to film in his exhibition. Anthony also took some photos of the filming and has kindly gave permission to show some here.




His daughter Paige, a very talented soul singer also sang on the track.


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Ruby Turner Tickets Available Now!!

Posted by Klean Dalton On October - 8 - 2013

Ruby Turner

Ruby Turner: keep your eyes on the prize.
I’m excited. Ruby’s got a hometown gig coming up. Buy your tickets now at 0844 870 0000


The following article is reproduced with kind permission from Andy Coleman and Robin Valk
Ruby. For people, not just midlanders, who know her and love her work, that’s all you need to say: Ruby. One word for one of the finest soul singers the UK has ever produced. She really is that good.


For those who don’t know her, well, this is Ruby Turner, with a career that puts her all over Radio 2, on the bill at the Queen’s Jubilee, as one of Jools Holland’s featured vocalists, on the bill at the 1999/2000 Millenium Dome launch, world tours, the lot. She’s recorded with everybody, had hits worldwide, and for some time has very deliberately and calmly steered her own career with some hand-picked advisers.


So now we have a Ruby Turner band tour this autumn, with a hometown gig set for October 16that the Crossing in Digbeth, Birmingham. I’m pleased. It’s been a long time…


Ruby: I’ve never really stopped touring – but a lot of it is with Jools Holland, which is brilliant. I come off the road with Jools in the summer, late August, and then I go on the road in my own right late September. Then there’s the winter tour with Jools, which kicks off in Ireland, and then we just … roll….
So how do you set up for the Ruby Turner tour? How do you find time for this?

I’ve been adamant that I was always going to maintain ‘my’ career. That’s very important for me and the people who’ve supported me. And I have some wonderful musicians who are ready to wait for me to come off the road and do some work. So I’ve been very fortunate in that respect. And I owe it to myself to go out and play, and write new stuff.


People think that what I do with Jools is more than enough, and that I should sit back and ride the gravy train. Well, there’s no such thing. Jools is incredible – he doesn’t just run his band. He goes out on the road, and I’m part of that unit – and he does his radio show, his TV shows.
And he’s got his studio…


So he’s a mentor. And, you know, ‘on the shoulders of giants’, mate! He’s working hard. So for me it was really important to keep that Ruby thing going, happening still.
It’s been too long since you played a home town gig.


A tough one to set up. Lots of people asking me when I was playing Birmingham. Truth was, I used to play Birmingham a LOT. And then they took Ronnie Scott’s from me. What can I say? That was my gig, that was my residency! The venue that was right for someone like myself to play at. Of course I’ve done the Jam House, which is a great gig and supports lots of local musicians. Jools is behind the venue – he opened it and I was on that gig. So I’ll big it up for not only being a social venue but a live and vibrant music spot, keeping Birmingham on the map for places to play.


My kind of vibe, my kind of intimacy, was very suited to the way it was at Ronnie Scott’s. So I do four nights at the London Ronnnie’s… But when this gig came through, at the Crossing, I said, fine, great!
But let’s be clear – I never left Birmingham! I’m still living here.
We are talking in Birmingham…

Ruby Turner

….as we speak! It’s the right venue for my people, the people who’ve followed me and my music over the years, who will feel comfortable and able to come and watch me perform. There’d better be some chairs though. Some of us have dodgy knees these days.


And dance space – I think it’s going to be a big party. A lot of faces are going to come out cos Ruby’s back in town
That’s pressure! Don’t scare me.


Who’s in the band?
Paul Prior is on bass – he’s my MD; and a wonderful piano player from Birmingham,Reuben James – he’s so exciting. I hope he’s available, because everybody wants a piece of him, and he wants a piece of everybody too. And I love that. I don’t want to hold him down, I want him to go fly and do stuff.


I really hope he’ll be on; if he’s not on, there’s Chris Taylor, also from Birmingham. My drummer is Simon Moore, and Nick Marland is my guitarist. These guys have been with me ten years and more, playing with me when I tour on my own. If I’m able to give them twenty shows a year or more, they’re happy to hold out and do it.
That’s a challenge for musicians in a position like you’re in, when you want to pull in the best musicians you can for live shows, and rehearse and prep for albums.

Ruby Turner

I’m very fortunate. These guys make themselves available when I get back. We have a really good time. I’m not such a hard taskmaster… well I could be on stage. But I think I’m quite a generous humanoid. We get on marvellously. I’m like a mother hen…


Don’t you crack the whip at all?
Yeah. I do. Sometimes I have to crack the whip and wake ‘em up a little. But we have an understanding. We’re just working musicians. We just get on with the job. We serve the music, not ourselves.


Well isn’t that a question of focusing on what you do? The tragedy of the music business is seeing unique people lose what they have, for whatever reason – the wrong advice, the wrong company, people telling them sweet nothings to get a deal – and that’s happened far too many times.


It’s hard. You can be fast-tracked but you come right back down with a big fizzle. It’s hard. I don’t want to tell anyone what they should do.


In your case it’s about long-term relationships. You’ve built your career on those relationships – ever since we’ve known each other, in prehistoric times – and that’s why you are still a working musician now. Did you ever think, back in the day, when you cut that Checkin It Out EP, that decades later you’d be still working, a featured vocalist with a guy running a hugely successful big band?
Never thought about any of that. But that’s probably the beauty of it.


You knocked it out of the park on the 2011/12 BBC2 Hootenany with ‘Get Away Jordan’ – full on gospel, horns, backing vocals, the works. You released a brilliant Sister Rosetta Tharpe inspired gospel album as well. So we are talking Gospel. What’s going on the next album?

Ruby Turnner


I’m mixing it up a little bit. I am writing in that vein. You search your soul for the things that move you and stir your soul, make you who you are. I will never deny my faith. It plays a very big part in the music I do.


When I approached the gospel album (I’m Travelling On, 2009), I thought ‘Hey, I’m from a Pentecostal background! I’ve done all the blues, the soul, the other stuff, all sorts.. but I’ve never tackled gospel’…and gospel tackled me. It was amazing. I was testifying to my truth. It was incredible and humbling. Through that, it’s shaped my next body of work. I won’t give too much away, because I’m still in the throes of planning and writing.


We’ll see it next year?
Hoping to have it ready for 2014.
With that faith-based material in mind, Ruby, I do have to remind you about a musical I saw you in – it was in Edinburgh in 93 – where you played a woman from, ooh, the shadier side of life. She was a red-hot mama, shaking it down big time. You brought the house down.


(Laughing) Well, all I can say is: my God is real, and He knows his children well!
RTR Limited. That’s your company. Everything goes through that – gigs, label, all the biz stuff. How long have you had that?


2005, I think. It had to be done. I was scared, but it was the responsibility of it that was scary. What you need is a good team: good accountants, a good book keeper. I play by the book, I go by the rules. I do not go into stuff I do not understand. If a problem arises, I can get professional advice. But I keep it simple. People have asked my why I haven’t signed other people to my record company. I haven’t, Maybe I know the business too well. I won’t do it.
But that won’t stop you collaborating, giving advice and the like?


No. If people want to talk, to sit down and hear my side of the story, I’m happy to share that. Happy to help out. I hadn’t got a clue when I started out. All I had was some wonderful friends, some wonderful people who guided me and kept me on the ground and focused. It made me the person I am. And I’m here, 30 million years later. If you can still be doing what you love, after all these years….
That’s success….


‘I’d Rather Go Blind’: One of Ruby’s signature tunes – German TV, 1990


October 16th: Ruby Turner plays The Crossing,
Milk St, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 5SU

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Posted by Steve Willis On August - 22 - 2013

‘BRAND NEW’ single by Midlands Singer Juliette Farrell picked up by National BBC INTRODUCING



BBC Introducing supports unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar musicians across the BBC with big broadcast and live opportunities.

At the beginning of 2011 BBC Introducing secured a weekly slot on the Radio 1Xtra playlist and Juliette’s freshly released track ‘Brand New’ made selection for a week of National radio support . The single which was produced and recorded in Birmingham UK, will be played from week commencing 26th August 2013

Juliette Farrell is a neo soul/Nu Jazz singer/songwriter from Birmingham United Kingdom, Juliette’s vocal style has been compared to Neo soul greats such as Jill Scott and Erykah Badu.

“Brand New” produced by Z-3, is the first single to be released from her new album “Nine Fruits”. The album 9 fruits will also feature tracks from US Super producer Ric Rude .

The new Single which was released earlier in the summer was picked up by radio 1Xtra after being referred by the regional BBC Introducing show, where Louise Brierley and Brett Birks showcase new music and talent from the West Midlands . The single is described as a toe tapping lauren hill esque groove that has an infectious beat. ‘Brand New’ is an anthem that lyrically celebrates the positive male role models found in society.

Juliette said on interview with BBC WM where she sang an acoustic version of the single live with a band headed up by her cousin Dan Neale using all Birmingham Conservatoire musicians ‘it’s great to see midlands musicians such as Laura Mvula doing so well, There is a wealth of talent in the midlands and BBC Introducing has been the biggest supporter of up and coming acts from all around the country, I’m thrilled to have been selected for 1Xtra airplay’

Single ‘Brand New’ is available Distributed by Genepool/Universal Music Operations Ltd and is the first single taken from The album 9 fruits which is filled with Neo Soul/Nu Jazz Gems.

airplay schedule as follows

Monday – Twin B (7am – 10am)
Tuesday – Sarah Jane Crawford (1pm – 4pm)
Wednesday – MistaJam (7pm – 10pm)
Thursday – Trevor Nelson (10am – 1pm)
Saturday – Yasmin Evans (7am – 10am)
Saturday – DJ Target (4pm – 7pm)
Sunday – Adele Roberts (1am – 4pm)

Listen to ‘Brand New’ single
Buy single :

Note to editors:
Date for Press Release : Immediate

Distribution: Single Distributed by Genepool/Universal Music Operations Ltd
Release date of single : 1st June 2013
Release date of album : TBC First quarter 2014
ISRC code: GBPZ31300002
Catalogue: Daisy001

Single ‘ Brand New’


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Meet the Access Team

Posted by Steve Willis On July - 10 - 2013


Geoff Pearce is a professional musician, college lecturer and Artist Manager. He has been Ruby Turners Manager for over 30 years. Ruby had number one R&B success in the USA during the 80′s. More recently Ruby  has been involved in the Jools Holland The Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, and often makes special appearances on Later with Jools Holland. She also played at the Queens 60th Jubilee celebrations in 2012. He has worked extensively with the BBC, most recently for the acclaimed music drama Land Girls where he played in a swing band.




IMG_1655Malcolm Bell has over 40 years experience in the music business. Starting as DJ and Radio Show host, he started his own record shop. From there he got involved in artist management and promotion working with major Record Compaies including Sony, EMI, BMG, Warner Brothers, Virgin, HMV etc. He has achieved the sale of more than 1 million music records. Including the achievement of more than 50 gold records and 3 platinum discs with artists including The Stone Roses, Sister Sledge, The Commodores and The Scorpions.


IMG_1654 Steve Willis is our Business and IT specialist. He has been involved in the Access project since March 2011, the early days of the venture. Steve has worked within the IT sector for nearly 20 years, where he has specialised in providing software solutions for the Rail and Military shipping industry. During this time, Steve has also run several companies, recently developing and bringing to market an E-commerce software platform. Steve’s contribution to the Access brand includes the design and development of our web sites, and the overall business strategy.




IMG_1653Mark Cox is our Digital Media and Social Networking guru. He has worked with many bands, developing online and internet marketing strategies focusing on Social Networking Media, including Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and You Tube. He owns and runs Hard As Nails digital dance record label and has over 11 years in the music industry. He is currently in negotiaion with Ministry of Sound to get his dance label published. He is also currently working towards a degree in the Music Business.

gillGill Busher started in the music business at the Virgin store in Bull St Birmingham, the days before the advent of the mega store. Gill then set up and ran a record shop called “Greyhound Records” next to the Oasis store. Her business partner Paul Doleman started the original Virgin store on Oxford street with Sir Richard Branson. Gill worked in the record store industry for 15 years, having stores both in Bewdley and Birmingham. For the most part of her career, Gill has managed companies and people. Gill believes that individuals are at the heart of any organisation. Having identified their talents, you have to nurture them to succeed.
SuebucklerSue Buckler has worked for the biggest labels. Starting in promotions, she toured the length and breadth of the UK in promoting artists to record shops. She then moved into Jive Records where she worked closely with the owners in promoting artists. She has worked with Virgin. Sue is now a TV and Radio plugger, and is currently promoter for Ocean Colour Scene. She has worked with the biggest names in the business. Here is a summary of the bands she has worked with:


Jive Records 1997-2004

Steps – Britney Spears – R Kelly – Groove Armada – Justin Timberlake – Backstreet Boys – NSync – Joe – Michael Bolton – Jazzy Jeff – Bread - Billy Ocean – Easyworld – The Tamperer feat Mayer – The Stone Roses – George Benson – A Tribe Called Quest – Jason Downs – Ellie Campbell – Tina Cousins – Buddy Guy.
Sony 2004 – 2005
Tom Baxter – Jamiroqaui – Nickelback – Michael Jackson – John Legend – Jeff Buckley – Jill Scott – Brian Mc Fadden - The Mooney Suzuki – Lemar – Manic Street Peachers – Creed – Beautiful South – George Michael – Destinys Child - Darren Hayes – Anastacia – Jamie Scott – Evanescence – Zutons – Incubus – The 411.

Virgin Records 2005-2006
Katie Tunstall – Turin Brakes – Chemical Brothers – Daft Punk – Joss Stone – Audio Bullys – The Thrills.
V2 Records 2006-2007

Black Keys – Datsons – The Rakes – Bugz In The Attic – Duke Special – The Dears – Hundred Reasons – Declan ORorke – Paul Weller – Cold War Kids – Little Man Tate – Ron Sexsmith – Bloc Party – Josh Ritter – Sterophonics – Ra Ra Riot – Your code name is Milo – Rough Trade 30 Years – Lethal Bizzel – Ray Davis.

Freelance 2007-2012

SAW Gold – Dead or Alive – Barbara Dickson – The Brand New Heavies – Ray Lamontage – The Stranglers – Rick Astley – Gary Numan – John Foxx – Paul Potts – Sonny J – Georgie Carter – Anine Bing – Nikka Costa – Westlife – Leon Lopez – Gotye – Gabbidon ex Steele Pulse – Apollo – The Art of Dying – Vagabond – JLS – The Elements – Mesh29 – BFI – Audio Conspiracy - Dan Whitehouse – Steve Cradock – Ocean Colour Scene – Blackchords – The Feeling – Simon Fowler`s Merrymouth – The Lines – Khaliq – James J Turner – The Destroyers – The Carpels – Arcadian Kicks – The Rainband – Stop The Blackout – Casino – Isolated Atoms – Carrie Mac – Ravens In Paris – Rob Halford – The Misers – the Lights – Lonnie Donegan Jnr – Mary Jess – Rouge States – Hatty Keane – Tyler Mae – Fans Of Faye – Pipers – The Suns

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Ocean Colour Scene. Our Band!

Posted by Steve Willis On July - 8 - 2013

Sue Buckler, our very own TV and Radio promoter is currently Ocean Colour Scenes Promoter. Sue has been involved with Ocean Colour Scene for many years now. To Find out more about Access All Music click this?

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The Drum
The Drum

Manchester Orchestra Album

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Meghan Trainor UK Release Date Changes to Meet Phenomenal Demand

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Hannah Schneider New Album and Video

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Gorgan City “Sirens”

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Laura Welsh “Break The Fall”

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Professor Green ft Tori Kelly

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